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* Highlighted Work

Advancing Energy Literacy

2012 - 2013

This site is a portal for energy literacy educators.

Created using the Joomla CMS, this site features custom PHP/MySQL programming, and a responsive design layout for best display on all devices.

Open Sky Music Festival

2011 - 2012

Open Sky Music Festival is a surf & reggae music festival at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, Alberta. They wanted a colourful website with a beach theme to promote their strong line-up of unique musical artists.

Features include custom PHP/MySQL programming for easy maintenance of the artist line-up, a mail list, mail form, and image gallery.

The Centre for Environment-Economy Learning


The Centre for Environment-Economy Learning is a public foundation that works with a variety of stakeholders to advance understanding of the society, environment and economy relationship
For this site, we used the Joomla content management system and redesigned the whole look and feel from the ground up.

Phil Redmond - Musician


This is a personal site for Phil's musical ambitions, although he won't be giving up his day job any time soon.

We wanted a darker yet bold look to this one. Features include some funky PHP programming behind the scenes, and a music player with a 90 second sample of the CD.

We also created a unique mobile version of the site

launch site

Reel Girls Media


This local video and new media production company wanted to upgrade from a wonky Flash site to a more manageable and fast loading HTML based site.

Features included custom Javascript image galleries and media players. We only did the programming for this however as they had their own design already.

launch site

Headlong Walkers (Band)

Way the internet dark ages

Headlong Walkers were a popular local band around Edmonton.They were regulars at legendary Edmonton clubs like the Sidetrack Cafe, Urban Lounge, and Kings Knight.

Now however, they exist only in memories of those few who were sober enough to remember those long past days of glory.

Features included rampant Photoshop abuse and blurry photos...cuz that was cool at the time.

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